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Let's face it: piracy sucks and there isn't a thing that we can do about it. We trust that when you download a paid class from PageMaps U, you will not pass those files or links onto your friends. Some will and it's a risk we have no choice to take. But we would like you to keep one thing in mind before you press that "forward" button.

PageMaps is a FREE resource and has been for more than seven years. The monthly sketches are free, the samples are free, and we have now offered a mini class for free. What isn't free is web hosting, eblasting, design team artwork, and domain registrations, all of which are paid for personally by Becky Fleck.

With that in mind ...


1. You are free to use these graphics, cutting files and instructions to create layouts and cards for personal use and for the purpose of publication in magazines, idea books, trade journals, trade newsletters and ezines. You are also free to post the layouts and cards you create in on-line galleries, personal blogs, message boards. Facebook, other social media sites and photo storage sites. Please remember to provide credit and a link to PageMaps (

2. You may alter the electronic cutting files with respect to size only. Credit is still required for any and all altered graphics or portions thereof.


1. Claim these graphics or files as your own.

2. Alter the graphics or files in any way and then claim them as your own.

3. Redistribute these graphics or files in any way, shape, or form, whether in their original design state or in an altered state (including size and coloration).

4. Offer these graphics for download or resell, or trade or share them regardless if they were purchased, bought during a sale or downloaded as a complimentary selection.

5. Use these graphics to create a design for resell such as for a scrap-for-hire business, or on internet sales venues such as Esty, Cafe Press, eBay, and other similar sites.

6. If you are a store owner (brick and mortar or online), you may not redistribute these class materials, free or for profit.

PageMaps shall not be held liable for damages and/or losses resulting from the use of materials, files or services from this site. Make a permanent back-up copy of all files included in this download in the event you experience a system or hard-drive crash. These TOU�s are subject to change without notice.


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